Solar Drop Screen in Richland, WA

Solar Screen Serenity

The owners of this home were looking to have more shade on both their patio and their indoor living space, located adjacent to the patio. In order to do this, we settled on a combination of a pergola patio cover and a few solar screens. By installing the solar screens under the far edge of the patio cover, we were able to provide cooler temperatures and shade to both the inside and outside (patio) living areas.

Tan Latticed Pergola in Richland, WA

Adobe Stone Pergola

The Details

This pergola is a shining example of our abilities to coordinate our patio covers with an overall patio design. Before the outdoor fireplace was built, we first poured the concrete footings and set the posts. Then the concrete was poured and the rock bases were built around them. Finally, we built a gorgeous “adobe” colored pergola with 2″x3″ lattice tubes and scalloped end cuts which complements the stone footings so well. This project gives a great example of the great lengths that PCUNW goes to in order to provide a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing project for your home.

Pending Party Pergola

This project had a specific time frame that had to be met: the clients were planning to host a party for their daughters’ high school graduation. We were able to work together with the clients to expedite design decisions and fast-track the construction of their beautiful new pergola.

The Details

This design is a perpendicular open lattice, meaning that the lattice is perpendicular to the house, maximizing the amount of shade without cutting out too much natural light. The end cuts on the beams feature a scalloped design, giving the structure a lovely finish. We completed the pergola three days ahead of schedule and the party was a success!

Better Together

These two homeowners came to us with a special problem – they wanted a cohesive structure that would provide year-round shade for entertaining – for both houses. But as you’ll see, the pergolas had to be two distinct structures with one beautiful design.

Where The Idea Came From

This project was completed on two adjoining town homes. These owners both knew they needed shade and wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing for their beautiful homes. The only catch was to make this whole project look like one big pergola but make sure that it was actually two separate structures for future re-sale purposes. This meant that neither pergola could cross the property lines and the two structures could not be attached. The completed project looks like one pergola shared between the neighbors.

Wood patio and pergola

Double Decker

Clients’ Wishes


This project was a bit different as we built the pergola on the second floor deck of a home. The client previously only had a shaded area underneath the deck, and said that the deck was unbearably hot during the summer. We built an adobe lattice pergola which provides a lovely shaded area with a view of the Tri-Cities and it turned out exactly as the client hoped. The height requirements of this project allowed us to get out our extra long ladders, but have no fear: Patio Covers Unlimited NW goes to all heights to please our clients.