What Type of Materials are Best Suited for Pergolas?

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Do you want to sit outside with a cocktail, a good book, or the kids running around as you enjoy the afternoon heat without the sun bearing down? One can take only so much sun exposure, both for pleasure and physical health, before it becomes unpleasant. Rather than packing up and being stuck inside, you […]

What is the Difference Between a Pergola and a Patio Cover?

pergola and patio cover installation

Installing an outdoor patio cover or pergola structure can enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic, providing endless possibilities for greater enjoyment and appreciation of your outdoor space. It may seem tough to choose which outdoor structure is right for you if you do not fully understand the unique components of each design, but we are […]

5 Benefits of Installing an Open Patio Cover

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Do you love being outdoors but not always in direct contact with the elements? Whether you are the type of individual who enjoys sipping coffee while watching the sunrise, listening to the rain as it patters against the leaves, or taking a deep breath of crisp night air with a glass of wine, an open […]