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Experience the Outdoors in Comfort

Your backyard is more than just space; it’s your very own retreat. It’s where you can unwind and let go of any worries while watching beautiful sunsets or keeping an eye on the kids as they play. At times, it’s also your secret hideaway, safe from the world’s hustle and bustle. But what if you could make it even better?

With our custom-installed exterior screens, you can add comfort and expand your outdoor living. These screens can keep the bugs away and provide some shade, making your time outside even more enjoyable. Plus, they’re not just practical; they also look fantastic, adding a touch of style to your backyard.

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Exterior Screens Projects

Benefits of Exterior Screens

Flexible Home Protection

One of the top benefits of exterior screens is flexible home protection. Whether you want to block the sunlight from blinding you, protect your outdoor time from runaway golf balls, or keep out rain, dust, and debris, your exterior screens will be a shield to it all.

Blocked Sun Damage

Constant UV exposure can severely damage homes and their belongings over time. A exterior screen can block a large portion of that sunlight from hitting your house. Not only will this reduce your energy bills, but it will increase the longevity of the previously exposed items. However, it doesn’t block your view!

Easy Motorized Adjustments

A simple pleasure that comes with exterior screens is the remote control. From the comfort of your chair, you can adjust the height of the screen without manually lifting, cranking, and struggling to get the perfect alignment.

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Remember, your backyard should be just the way you want it. With our exterior screens, you can change your outdoor space to match your needs, whatever they might be on any given day. So why wait? Start creating your perfect backyard retreat in Bend, OR today.