Screen Rooms

Beauty of the Outdoors Without the Bugs

Let’s face it; sometimes, we want to enjoy the great outdoors without being outdoors. Fresh air, warm breeze, and sweet scents of the flowers, yes! Bugs biting us, leaves blowing in our faces, and cold weather making sitting outside unpleasant… we’ll pass.  Fortunately, there is the perfect solution, custom screen rooms. Screen rooms protect you from the elements with their strong aluminum frame and bug-proof screens, leaving guests warmer, dryer, and less itchy all the way around.

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Benefits of Screen Rooms

Not only do screen rooms add the extra square footage of livable space to a home, increase the overall aesthetic of the house, and add value to the property, but it also provides these charming benefits.

Comfortable Space for All Types of Events

A screen room takes outdoor time to a new level of comfort; you get all the joy without hassle. In Eastern Washington, screen rooms provide homeowners with the perfect space for hosting outdoor meals, hanging out with friends and a secluded spot to kick back and relax. The space is dryer, warmer and more protected from the elements than a simple patio. Plus, you never have to worry about sharing your food with the bugs.

Enhanced Weather Protection

Screen rooms offer shade during the hot summer days. However, note that there is a significant difference between a screen room and a sunroom. 

A screen room has screen walls, allowing fresh air to flow freely. A sunroom is an enclosed room with window walls. Therefore, a screen room won’t protect you from the wind, but the fresh air space is what entices many homeowners. 

Customizable & Affordable Features

Screen rooms have the luxury of being highly customizable to each and every space. At Patio Covers Unlimited, we design and build custom screen rooms to best suit the homeowner’s unique needs. 

Screen Room Projects

custom screen room project by Patio Covers Unlimited
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