Is Pergola Installation Worth the Cost?

These days, one of the most significant considerations for homebuyers is outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a cozy front garden, a sprawling backyard, or a divine deck, outdoor “rooms” add another dimension of functionality to your home. Adding hardscapes such as patio cover or pergola installations to your landscape design has become a wildly popular home improvement. These shade structures can be an excellent way to add a feature piece to your space and provide shade and protection from the elements. 

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Is Pergola Installation Worth It?

A pergola can be a valuable addition to any outdoor space. It can provide shade to a balcony, patio, or pool deck. They can also be used as a base for climbing plants, creating an ethereal look, or supporting fresh fruits or vegetables. Pergolas come in various sizes, materials, and aesthetics – there is a perfect unit for every home! Look no further if you want to add an eye-catching yet functional structure to your yard! Additionally, installing a pergola can add value to your home.

Why Should You Hire a Contractor to Install Your Pergola? 

When you look at a pergola, you might think its design and construction are simple. You can buy a kit and build your structure yourself or attempt to construct one from scratch. However, this might not be the best route. Designing and building your unit can quickly become tricky. You may run into permitting issues, structural problems, foundation requirements, irrigation, or drainage that causes erosion underneath the hardscape. One of the most pressing concerns DIYers face is grounding the feet of your unit due to soil composition or rock. 

These potential pitfalls alone can make it well worth the cost to hire professionals to install your pergola for you! Experienced hands can protect your investment and ensure safe and sound construction. Here are some reasons why hiring a contractor for your pergola installation is the way to go!

Experts Have Years of Experience

In any industry, there is nothing that beats real-life experience. You may find it simple to set up a DIY pergola kit. The assembly is simple – yet it is afterward that expertise is needed. Pergola placement is a critical factor in the longevity of your structure. A seasoned eye can perform a site analysis of your outdoor space to determine the best possible location for your unit. Professionals will consider the ideal size, shape, aesthetic, and placement when designing and installing your hardscape to create the optimal addition for your lawn’s look and function.

Increase Your Design Capabilities and Possibilities

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Buying a pergola kit can be simple, but it can also be limiting. You are stuck with the materials, design, and colors that come in the kit. Kits are also likely made with lower-quality parts, which could ultimately be subjected to faster wear and tear and structural issues. Additionally, buying a kit means you could see an identical unit in someone else’s backyard!

When you hire a professional company for pergola installation, you know you are getting a unique unit explicitly tailored for your home and lawn. You can have input on the design process – it is created with your needs at the forefront. If you want to incorporate plants into your structure, a professional can build with that in mind. If you like certain materials, they can make that possible as well! A professional hardscape company can accommodate any features, additions, or changes you desire. 

Decrease Your Potential Mistakes

Building or constructing your structure may be initially attractive from a cost-saving standpoint. Doing it yourself means you don’t have to pay for labor, which is often the most expensive part of any project. However, there is something that can be even more expensive than hiring a professional to install your hardscape – hiring an expert to fix your mistakes. Splashing cash to purchase new materials and correct previous errors feels infuriating. 

You can eliminate this problem before it even starts. Hiring a hardscape contractor can eliminate that margin of error. They will know the correct materials and locations to choose, oversee the construction and installation process, and be able to maintain your unit. Their seamless work comes from years of experience that decreases the potential for mistakes – ultimately saving you time and money!

Professionals Have Better Materials

Most DIY kits seem like a good deal for a reason – because they are made with cheap materials. Low-quality materials won’t be able to withstand inclement weather throughout each season, ultimately leading to the demise of your pergola. Hiring a professional hardscape contractor to design and install your unit gives you access to their knowledge and supply of top-quality materials. They know all the best brands, the types of materials best suited for your space, and any new products or innovations hitting the market. It doesn’t matter which material you choose – hiring a professional installer will help your unit last for years!

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How Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest Can Help With Pergola Installation

Are you considering pergola installation in the Eastern Washington area? Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest is here to help! We have years of experience installing, designing, and maintaining every imaginable hardscape, including pergolas! We work with you to identify your landscaping and shade needs, budget, aesthetic, and timeline. Together we will determine the optimal structure for your space. Visit our website to find out more about our services and to fill out our contact page. We look forward to helping you on your journey toward your ideal backyard! 

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