5 Benefits of Installing an Open Patio Cover

Do you love being outdoors but not always in direct contact with the elements? Whether you are the type of individual who enjoys sipping coffee while watching the sunrise, listening to the rain as it patters against the leaves, or taking a deep breath of crisp night air with a glass of wine, an open patio cover installation can allow you access to all these experiences without being vulnerable to the elements. Today, we are sharing with you the five benefits of open patio cover installation so that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. 

5 Benefits of Open Patio Cover Installation

#1: Reduces Energy Consumption

During the height of summer, homeowners often spend hundreds of dollars a month to keep their homes cool and comfortable. While it won’t mitigate your air-conditioning bill, an adequately placed patio cover installation can save you money on cooling. Let us explain. 

Open patio covers can act as a shield against the sun’s hot rays. When placed in an ideal location, a patio cover can block sunlight from hitting the more vulnerable areas of your house, like large windows or sliding glass doors. After the installation, homeowners notice right away that their energy bill has gone down! 

#2: Minimizes Solar Damage

Speaking of that hot sunlight, a patio cover can protect against solar damage. Direct exposure to the sun often results in UV radiation damage. Such damage results in instant sunburns for people and slow color fading for items. Over time, we have all seen how the sun can suck the vibrancy out of outdoor furniture, house siding, and decorative items. You will even notice such fading occur indoors for items in the path of sunlight coming from a window. 

With a patio cover, you can protect your skin and your items from UV damage. With an open patio cover installation, you are essentially adding a giant umbrella to your outdoor space that will protect everything underneath and any windows as well. 

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#3: Year-Round Living Space

Do you ever wish that your home was just a bit larger? When you complete an open patio cover installation, you are basically adding an extra room to your home. It is an easy and effective way to expand your year-round livable space with minimal structure costs and hassle. 

What you choose to do with that space is entirely up to you. Perhaps you want to create an outdoor living room where you and your friends can gather with a glass of wine. Maybe you design an outdoor kitchen with everything from a BBQ to a prep station to a dining area. You could even set up a mini yoga studio with your yoga mat, blocks, and other exercise tools ready whenever you feel inspired to get up and move. The possibilities are endless and completely customizable! 

#4: Protects Against Inclement Weather

Have you ever planned to barbecue for dinner, but Mother Nature had other ideas? No one enjoys standing over a barbecue in pouring down rain, but you can prevent this. By choosing an open patio cover installation, you and yours will have protection against inclement weather. 

Open patio covers provide soothing shade against the summer heat and overhead protection from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Therefore, no matter the weather, you can enjoy your outdoor space. 

As we mentioned above, your patio cover will protect the furniture, appliances, and everything else under it as well. This will extend the longevity of your items and protect them from fading, mold, and other deterioration caused by continuous exposure to the elements.  

#5: Increases Curb Appeal

One problem with living in Tri-Cities, Washington, is the intense seasons. We experience scorching summer heat and deep snowfalls in the winter. Very few individuals want to head outside when the weather is acting up, which prevents homeowners from enjoying all their property has to offer throughout the year. 

In today’s day and age, where people are spending more time at home and are utilizing their own spaces for entertainment, open patio covers add a significant draw for potential homeowners. By investing in an open patio cover installation, you not only get to enjoy the benefits for however long you choose to live there, but it will increase your curb appeal and home value when it comes time to sell. 

Plus, patio covers come in a wide array of design options. You choose from multiple colors, post type & columns, skylights, and even the shape of the ends of the beams and tails. Such variety allows you to choose the aesthetic that best complements and enhances your home and existing designs. 

Choose Patio Covers Unlimited for Open Patio Cover Installation

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Whether you want to create a private spot to relax or the best hangout zone in the neighborhood, Patio Covers Unlimited can help you build an affordable patio or shade fixture to suit your individual needs. Since 2007, our family-owned business has been building outdoor retreats for families in the Tri-cities, Yakima, Walla Walla, Moses Lake, and NE Oregon. For more information on how we can help you create your idyllic outdoor space, please fill out our contact page, and we will get back to you soon! 

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