8 Best Benefits of Installing Patio Covers

Incredible Benefits of Patio Cover Installation

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to sit outside and listen to the rain without getting wet or enjoying the warm summer breeze without getting burned by the glaring rays of the sun. This is entirely possible with patio cover installation services. Patio covers are outdoor shade structures that can be attached to your home or placed freestanding as a method of expanding and improving your outdoor space. Today, we share with you the eight best benefits of installing patio covers.

8 Best Benefits of Installing Patio Covers

#1: Expands Your Living Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed society forever. Many of us are now living in a world of remote work and are content spending time in our homes rather than with the masses. However, a downside to a more home-centric life is that it can feel confining.
With a patio cover installation, you can expand your living space. What outdoor room you choose to create under your patio cover is entirely up to you. It may be an outdoor kitchen or dining zone, an extended office space, a mini gym, or any number of other ideas. No matter what you decide to do with it, you are essentially adding another room to the house at a fraction of the cost.

#2: Year-Round Outdoor Accesspatio cover installation benefits

Even the most die-hard nature lovers tend to avoid barbecuing in the rain and reading a book in the snow. A top benefit of a patio cover installation is year-round access to your outdoor space. You will be protected from most types of inclement weather under the safety of your patio cover. So, whether you want to cook up a burger when it’s pouring down rain or curl up on the couch with a blanket as it snows, you can do so as you please!

#3: Mess Free Party Zone

While having company over is awesome, it also means that you have a ton of people tromping through your home. If you have a gathering with children present, that means sticky fingers, dirty feet, and who knows what else is getting on your nice furniture and clean carpets.
You can confine the mess to the outdoors with a patio cover space. Your adult guests will love the ability to mingle with others, enjoy the weather, and forget the worries of “being neat.” Plus, not only will your young guests have access to a fun outdoor space, but they won’t have to go in and out when searching for snacks, games, or to ask mom yet another question.

#4: Greater Connection to Nature

We live in a society that is technologically centered. Whether working on a computer, watching tv, or scrolling endlessly through social media, we often become disconnected from the world around us.
By creating a comfortable outdoor space, it reminds us to take the time to sit outside, listen to the birds, take a deep breath of clean air, and maybe even put the screens down for a minute to reflect on life, love, and all that is good.

#5: Create a Play & Learning Zone

From online classes to indoor schooling, children spend much of their formative learning years indoors. Child Mind Institute reports that the average American child spends just four to seven minutes a day playing outside but over seven hours in front of a screen. YIKES! Fortunately, you can provide a space to combat this epidemic.

By playing outside, children build confidence, enhance their creativity and imagination, learn responsibility, engage in new stimulations, get exercise, and reduce stress. These exponential benefits keep giving and giving as the child continues to grow, learn, and become a thriving young adult.
With a patio cover, you are giving them a sheltered spot to play out of the elements. It will only be a matter of time before they take off into the backyard while you watch contentedly from the shade.tri cities solid patio cover install

#6: Acts as a Home Sun Shield

Did you know that a clear glass window lets in up to 70% of the sun’s UV rays? Even fancy energy-efficient windows only reduce this by 10%. What this means is that all that heat and UV damage is going into your home. As those of us living in eastern Washington understand, the summer sun can be brutal, and we are paying the price!

One of the best benefits of installing a patio cover is that it acts as a home sun shield, at least to the part of the home that it is covering. It will help reduce your home’s energy consumption during the scorching summer months and protect the furniture exposed to window light from UV damage. Altogether, this will save you money: money on electricity and more longevity regarding your furniture, carpet, and even paint!

#7: Prevents Weather Exposure

Speaking of harsh weather, your patio cover will also protect your outdoor furniture, appliances, and accessories. Whether you have an elaborate outdoor kitchen and dining area, a plethora of seating and decorative pillows, or a home gym with expensive equipment, a patio cover installation will protect it from rain, sleet, snow, and sun! Not only will this extend the lifespan of your items, but they will be ready to use at all times. Who wants to wait for a couch cushion to dry out, right?

#8: Enhanced Curb Appeal

The practice of “staycations” is on the rise as younger generations are choosing to save money rather than spend it on pricey getaways. Due to this, homeowners are expressing more interest in spending time outdoors through extended living spaces than ever before. By investing in a patio cover installation, you are adding value to your home.

When it comes time to sell your home, well-constructed and maintained patio covers will increase your selling price and make your home more appealing to buyers. Plus, you get to enjoy it yourself until then!

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