6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pergola Design

Would you like to enhance the functionality of your outdoor space, increase your home value, and encourage your family to spend more time enjoying nature? If you are nodding yes, a pergola may be the right choice for you. Pergolas provide homeowners with a wide array of benefits but primarily offer a sheltered space where families can eat, laugh, play, and bond. Determining the perfect pergola design, however, can be a challenge. Therefore, we have devised these 6 questions to set you on the right path!

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Pergola Design

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1.      How do I plan on using my pergola?

Functionality is the first question anyone should ask when choosing a structure design, as it will help narrow down the possibilities for the questions to come. For example, some homeowners use their pergola as a social space where they can hang out with friends, host a book club, or even throw a party.

For others, a pergola is used as an outdoor kitchen and dining space. Some go as simple as adding a barbeque and a small dining set, whereas others build a full blown outdoor kitchen with everything you could possibly need while also having a bar top or full dining table. On the other hand, some homeowners simply want a quiet space where they can escape with a good book, try out new yoga poses, or hide from the chatter of football on the TV. 

Therefore, we recommend looking inward to determine your wants and needs for this structure and speaking with the other members of your family to get their ideas as well.

2.      Where do I plan on putting my pergola?

There are two ways to place a pergola on a property. The first option is to have it as a stand-alone structure, and the second option is to have it attached to an existing structure; most commonly, this would be the house.

Homeowners who want their pergola to be a garden sanctuary, a pool overhang, or simply away from the house would want the standalone option.

For homeowners who want to step out their backdoor into the comforting shade of the pergola without needing to put on shoes or trek into the view of neighbors, the second option of being attached would be the preferred choice.

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3.      What Materials Should I Use for the Perfect Pergola Design?

Pergolas can be made out of a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, stone, brick, and fiberglass. Each material comes with its own pros and cons, including pricing, maintenance, and limitations.

We think that the perfect pergola design utilizes high-grade aluminum embossed with a wood grain texture. You get the aesthetic of real wood without the upkeep. Plus, unlike wood, these pergolas will not crack, warp, split, chip or peel and will not chalk or fade even under constant UV and wind exposure. Patio Covers Unlimited NW provides the best-quality aluminum embossed wood grain pergolas.

4.      How will the environment affect my pergola?

Where you live greatly determines the environmental factors that will come to play with your pergola design. Those living in areas with high quantities of annual rain will likely want a different design than one with a moderate climate.

For example, those living in Eastern Washington get over 300 days of sunshine. The perfect pergola design provides a charming in-between shade when you are looking for shade with a little sunshine. You can choose to design your pergola to have a more tightly-spaced lattice for a darker shade or a more widely-spaced lattice for more sun.

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5.      What will I put underneath my pergola?

Thinking ahead to the furniture, appliances, and décor you want to put underneath your pergola will help narrow down your design. By incorporating the intended function with anticipated size requirements, you will be able to determine how large you want your pergola design to be in addition to its shape.

Some homeowners want a quaint, simple space, so a smaller pergola design will be all they need. However, going back to that full kitchen concept, some will need a significantly larger space. Of course, when determining sizing, one must also consider the land they have available.

6.      How do I want my pergola to look?

All of the above questions will have helped you narrow down the main components of your design, so all that is left is the aesthetic. The perfect pergola design should come with a wide range of finishes, making it easy for homeowners to choose a design that matches or complements the current aesthetic of their home.

Choose the Perfect Pergola Design with Expert Assistance

Determining which pergola design is right for you can be challenging. Shape, design, and finish can be confusing without experience in the field. Rather than wasting time and money trying to design and build a pergola yourself, we recommend calling us for expert assistance. We at Patio Covers Unlimited service the Tri-Cities, WA, region, helping homeowners enhance their homes, backyards, and outdoor living spaces. 

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