Can a Patio Cover Installation Increase My Home Value?

A home is one of the most significant investments a person will ever make. If managed properly, a homeowner can quickly increase the value of their home through simple renovations, including a patio cover installation. Whether you are looking for a long-term investment that will aid in equity building over the years or plan to put your home on the market in the coming year, you can increase your property value with a patio cover. 

high quality patio cover installation expertsWhy a Patio Cover Installation Adds Value to Property

Increased Livable Space

Since the pandemic swept the globe, homeowners have been doing everything possible to protect their families while providing a functional and enjoyable space to live and work. With society shifting towards a more home-centered mindset for work, entertainment, and even vacation, any expansion in livable space can vastly increase the value of a home, including a patio cover installation. Why, you ask? Here are three prime reasons:

It’s Cheaper than a Home Addition

The traditional method to increase the square footage of livable space for a home was to add on to the house or convert the garage to create an extra room. Unfortunately, this process can be costly and often provides a mismatched aesthetic that diminishes the house’s overall appearance. 

With a patio cover installation, you are essentially adding an outdoor room that can be used for entertainment, cooking, dining, exercising, or any other activity. With the vast array of patio cover installation options, the aesthetic will easily blend into the home, as if it was always designed to be there. 

Provides a Backyard Vacation Destination

Even years after the pandemic, homeowners are cautious about traveling, especially with the economy on a perpetual roller coaster. Due to this, many homeowners are skipping expensive vacations to stay home. A patio cover installation can transform a backyard into a vacation destination specially crafted to suit your unique tastes. Whether you want coverage over an outdoor kitchen so you can cook rain or shine, shelter from the sweltering heat as you hang out with your dearest friends, or a simply shaded nook to read your favorite book in peace, a patio cover installation is your chance to achieve it all. 

Supplies an Outdoor Space for Remote Workers

Many Americans have transitioned from in-office and on-the-job work to remote positions. While many enjoy the freedom it allows and the time it saves commuting, the walls can feel like they are closing in from time to time. 

With a patio cover installation, remote workers are supplied with extra breathing room to work and take breaks. Whether they want to work from their laptop in the shade while listening to the birds or an outdoor space to exercise, meditate, read, or let off steam in another form, they can do so safely and without leaving the property! 

Protection from the Elementspatio cover property value increase

We all enjoy the theory of sitting or playing outside, but sometimes the execution doesn’t go well. Hot sunshine bearing down or incessant rain can quickly send adults and kids scurrying back inside for protection from the elements. Fortunately, solid patio cover installations are designed to provide a sturdy roof over one’s head so one can enjoy the beauty of nature without exposure to every element. Whether you want to barbeque in the rain or read a book during the warmest part of the day without getting a sunburn, a patio cover will keep you protected. 

Customizable Aesthetic

As we said above, home additions are expensive endeavors that often look out of place when tacked onto a home. Fortunately, patio cover installations are easily customized to match your home’s current architecture and design. Whether you want that classic white-picket fence vibe, modern minimalism, or even a gothic Victorian, patio cover installations will add value to your home through their customized features. 

High-Quality, High-Return Patio Covers

Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest is proud to serve Eastern Washington homeowners in achieving their outdoor installation needs. With our solid patio covers, you can expect:

1. High-Quality Material: Unlike wood, our patio covers will not crack, warp, split, chip, peel, chalk, or fade, even under constant UV and wind exposure.

2. Maintenance-Free Design: Our patio covers are out constructed out of high-grade aluminum and embossed with a wood grain texture, resulting in the look of natural wood without the upkeep.

3. Customizable Features: Our patio cover installation provides various customizable features, including multiple colors, post type/columns, skylights, and even the shape of the ends of the beams and tails.

Affordable Design & Installationhow patio covers can add value to your property

We believe that the patio cover installation process should be simple and easy. You can rest assured that our team of experts will aid you in creating the perfect design for your home and install at an affordable price. 

If you want to start your journey to add value to your home through a patio cover installation, please schedule a free estimate with us today. 

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