How Much Can Pergolas Increase your Homes Value?

Your home is your castle, and your backyard can be an escape from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life. It should be a place to sit back and relax – a little slice of paradise to enjoy, play, and entertain. Creating this oasis depends on the space you have available, your hardscape elements, and your landscaping. Installing a pergola can be an excellent choice of hardscape design that adds an “oomph” to your backyard space, accentuates your landscape aesthetic, and adds long-lasting value to your home.

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How Pergolas Increase Home Value

Increases the Livable Space of a Home

Pergolas make a unique addition to any garden because they give you another “room” outside. In an age where more people are spending time within their homes, any extra livable space goes a long way for the health and comfort of a family. Pergolas are more versatile than other hardscapes as they take up less space and come in a variety of designs depending on your unique needs and preferences. So, whether a homeowner works from home, loves to host parties, or enjoys staycations, a pergola is a perfect way to add “space” to your property for a far more reasonable cost than building a home addition. 

Encourages Families to Spend More Time Outside

Your geographic location impacts the value of installing a hardscape. Studies show that homeowners get more use from their outdoor improvements in warmer climates, where they have a more significant portion of the year to enjoy them. If you live in a hot environment or an area where it is comfortable to enjoy the outdoors for many months of the year, installing a pergola can add to your home value. 

Here in the Tri-Cities, homeowners enjoy 60-degree-plus weather starting in mid-March. Spring quickly turns into hot summers where the shade of a pergola can go a long way in making an outdoor experience far superior to melting in the open sunshine. Then, homeowners have the pleasure of enjoying comfortable temperatures into fall. For our dedicated outdoor lovers, we often see homeowners using their pergolas as a gentle respite from the snow when watching children and pets play. No matter the time of year, a pergola makes a refuge for homeowners while still allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of being outside.

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Adds to the Overall Aesthetic of a Home

Any home improvement increases the value of a home in areas with “hot” real estate markets. Buyers are always looking for new and improved homes that look like the owners have taken care of them and have wanted to enhance them. Luckily, pergolas fit the bill nicely. If you are looking to sell your home within the next five years, a pergola will instantly add to the curb appeal of your home, giving it that extra “WOW” factor that other homes will not.

How Much Can Pergolas Increase My Home’s Value?

The national average for a return on investment on outdoor amenities states that for every $1000 spent, up to $10,000, homeowners can expect a return on investment of $3000. Of course, this is not an exact science, and it varies from market to market, even month to month. Fortunately, given the durable and versatile nature of pergolas, they remain steadfast in producing a worthwhile return on investment. Homeowners and potential homebuyers recognize that high-quality pergolas will stand the test of time, providing benefits for years or decades of use.

Pergolas: Are They Worth It? 

Determining whether or not a pergola is a worthwhile investment relies heavily on two factors. First, most industry professionals recommend only adding an additional element to your home if you will use them, not as a money return strategy. Therefore, if you are interested in building a pergola, you should first and foremost build it for your enjoyment. If it is an addition that you believe your family will enjoy and take advantage of, then it is absolutely worthwhile! 

If you answered yes to the first factor, the second factor is the quality of craftsmanship. Putting up a rickety pergola will actually decrease your home value and kill your return on investment. You are better off investing in a high-quality pergola installation that is durable, safe, and beautiful. Working with a local professional company is the best way to get a high-quality, long-lasting pergola with minimal headaches. Your hardscape professionals are experts on design and know which pergola design will be best for your unique aesthetic, location, climate, and return on investment. Hiring a pro makes navigating the process of building a structure simple, fast, and stress-free.

Pro Tip: Read our past article on how to pick the best pergola design for your backyard!

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How Patio Covers Unlimited NW Can Help

Are you looking to install a pergola in your Eastern Washington yard? Patio Covers Unlimited NW is here to help you! Our years of experience as hardscape professionals give us unique insight into assessing your yard and making personalized recommendations for your new structure. We work with your preferences, space, budget, and timeline to ensure we build the best unit possible that will help increase your home value. The best part – the whole design and installation process is easy, collaborative, and hassle-free. Visit our website to browse our services, and contact us to begin working towards your dream design!

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