Wood vs Aluminum Patio Covers: Which is Better?

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Designing this space efficiently can create extra rooms for your house that you can use for many months of the year in all kinds of weather. However, you probably need something to protect you from the harshest elements when you’re spending time outdoors! That’s why a solid patio cover can help you achieve your dream backyard.

why aluminum patio covers are the best material

Why You Need a Patio Cover

Patio covers are an ideal addition to your outdoor space, and they can completely change the aesthetic of your yard. It introduces an attractive design element and creates an additional level within your outdoor area. They also effectively protect against the most extreme types of weather. A well-made patio cover can keep you cool in the shade during the hottest summers, block the wind during the spring and fall, and keep you dry and warm during rain or snowfall. 

A patio cover is practical from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint as well as a financial one too! These structures are affordable ways to extend your outdoor living well into spring, fall, and even winter! Plus, they are remarkably low-maintenance and free of operating costs!

Now that you’re committed to a patio cover, you may be wondering which material to choose. With so many options available, it can be challenging to navigate these decisions. However, the two most popular cover materials are an aluminum patio cover and a wood patio cover. Read on to find out which is best for your Washington home!

best material for patio covers aluminum

Aluminum Patio Covers: The Inside Scoop

Aluminum patio covers have come leaps and bounds in the last few decades. This material has long ago shed the outdated misconception that it appears cheaply made. Technology to manufacture an aluminum patio cover has grown tremendously, and these products are now built from a high-grade aluminum that is durable, customizable, and affordable. Oh, and the best part – an aluminum cover is maintenance-free!

High-quality aluminum is entirely customizable and easy to design. Therefore, an aluminum patio cover can be as unique as your landscape! Aluminum can be embossed with a wood grain texture to give you the appearance and feel of genuine wood without all of the upkeep and hassle. You can choose from a wide assortment of colors, post or column types, shapes on the ends of your beams, and style preferences, or you can even add a skylight! 

An aluminum patio cover is not only beautiful but functional. They include complete gutter systems and are priced competitively or cheaper than other materials. They are lighter, easier to install, and have hollow posts, which are helpful for hiding electrical wiring. An aluminum patio cover can also come with a motorized louvered roof, allowing you to switch between varying degrees of sun exposure for your patio! Plus, aluminum is fire resistant, which is essential if your home is in a drought-ridden area. 

A metal material means that your patio cover will also be pest-resistant, have no natural wear from heat or moisture, and is more sturdy to the elements. However, it is more dent-prone than other materials. For a dent-proof material, try a newer, thicker aluminum patio cover, as this design is less susceptible to denting and wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Another drawback to aluminum covers is fixing paint chips. As these covers come prepainted, you must custom-match your paint to patch any holes. 

Wood Patio Covers: A Natural Material

Wood is synonymous with a classic patio cover. Wood has been the material of choice for a natural, traditional look that compliments any garden aesthetic. These patio covers give you the feel of warmth and homeyness, and the simple designs can be an easy DIY weekend project. They are infinitely customizable and can be shaped or altered into any style you’d like. Wood is a biodegradable material, giving your home a nature-inspired look. 

Wood patio covers are not for every home and environment. Due to their natural origins, wood is prone to wear and far more susceptible to the elements than other materials, such as aluminum. Wood can crack, split, chip, peel, and warp when exposed to copious amounts of rain, snow, wind, and sunshine. Additionally, constant UV exposure and wind exposure can cause wood to chalk and fade. 

Wood requires regular upkeep and nearly yearly maintenance. If you have a wood patio cover, you must sand, prime, and paint or stain it before it is fully functional – and you must do this every few years to maintain its viability and prevent deterioration. Additionally, this organic material is vulnerable to pests, extreme heat, high humidity, and decay and can burn quickly in a fire.

The Washington Winner: Aluminum Patio Cover

An aluminum cover is a clear choice over wood for the Washington area. Our area is susceptible to extreme weather – high temperatures in our hot summers and freezing temperatures during our cold winters. Aluminum is more durable than wood under these conditions and will require far less maintenance. In an area with a significant risk of wildfires, an aluminum patio cover is a huge asset and far less dangerous in your yard. Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest exclusively designs aluminum patio covers for the Eastern Washington region due to the regional climate element and aluminum’s affordability and durability. 

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How Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest Can Help

Are you searching for a patio cover in the Eastern Washington area? Patio Covers Unlimited Northwest is here to help! We are experts at creating dream patio covers, pergolas, screen rooms and more for clients in the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and Walla Walla areas. Our professionals will design and build the aluminum patio cover of your dreams with your aesthetic, specifics, and budget in mind. We use the highest grade aluminum and believe in customer satisfaction so much that all our patio covers come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

For more information, visit our website, and fill out our contact page to get in touch with our team today. We can’t wait to help you create the perfect aluminum patio cover for your yard

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